Thursday, July 21, 2016

Save the Trees...

A couple of years ago, PPL (the electric company that has a power line and therefore a right of way through our farm) decided that it was time to do a massive tree trim.  Anything...anything at all that was within 75 feet of the center of the power line had to go.  No exceptions.

The fence line along our meadow was 69 feet from the center line, so all of our trees had to go.  That meant all of our shade for the cows was gone, with the exception of one lonely tree.  Here's the post I wrote about it.  It all turned out fine, because PPL made good on their promise to replant trees in another spot for us!

We chose four Autumn Blaze Maple trees, which they planted about 30 feet further in from the fence line.  During the hottest days of that first summer, the kids took 5 gallon buckets of water to each tree daily, to get them off to a good start and keep them alive.  They're thriving now.  Here's a picture of one of them last fall...

We've had wire fence around the trees since they've been planted, and the cows have pretty much left them alone until this summer.  Now they've decided it's entertaining to pull at the lower branches, stripping them of leaves, breaking branches and causing damage...

Enough is enough!  We're not going to have these trees damaged to the point that they die.  So...we had tree boxes put up around them last week...

They're 7 1/2' squares, made with four round corner posts and 2 x 6's.  The cows might still be able to chew on a few leaves, but shouldn't be able to break the branches in close to the trunk...

I like the way they my opinion, kind of old fashioned!

Here's hoping for some huge shade trees in a few years!

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  1. oh, i do think it looks neat! the cows are not impressed, however. :)

  2. I think your post definitely qualifies for Good Fences. It looks like a quality solution - both in practicality and looks!

  3. Good luck with those trees; nice to see the effort.

  4. Like you idea of fences around the trees. We are slowing losing a lot of trees everywhere.

  5. Great idea to fence in the trees. I like the look of it too. : )

  6. I really like those - how much nicer looking & more sturdy than wire fencing. I also like that you've left the wood natural colour.
    What lovely trees also - how tall were the trees when they were planted 4 years ago, I wonder?

    1. I was trying to find a picture of them when they were first planted, but couldn't find one! They were substantially smaller, though.

  7. I think they look really nice and old fashioned too. When we first moved here and we planted trees, I had no idea my horse and his buddy would try and eat every tree on the place. The people next door had cows who finished what the horses didn't. We ended up replanted and my horse was put in a pen. I think your tree boxes is a much better solution.

  8. What a great idea. They look great. Autumn Blaze maples are one of my favorites. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Well those "naughty" cows. It's sad though that the power company had to cut down your other trees. I mean if it's your property then why do they have the "right" to do that? I think your tree boxes make great fences around those pretty trees, I love that type of a Maple tree.

  10. I live in fear of the electric company trimming my old (yet healthy) trees. They would not replant them here I'm pretty sure. Glad they kept their word. The trees a pretty and I'm glad you got the boxes around them.

  11. Cows have the ability to tear up about anything. The trees are already pretty big. Love the fence boxes.


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