Friday, April 8, 2016

Wrapping Up the Week...

It's been a busy week here, and it's time to wrap it up!

1.  I'll begin with my "Starts with O" photo...

Our Orange 1958 Allis Chalmers D-17.  No green tractors here!

2.  My "week's favorite" is my fern leaf peony, pushing buds and almost ready to bloom...

I hope the snow and cold weather that's coming this weekend don't hurt it! It's one of the earliest bloomers I have, and it's pretty hardy.  We'll see.

3.  "Spring"... We've had roller coaster weather the past few weeks, and this is where I've had to keep my pansies at night...all lined up on the porch...

A little frost won't hurt them, but we've had strong winds and really cold night time temps, so a little extra protection is necessary.  I'm hoping they can all go back to their usually spots next week!

4.  I'm feeling really, really old and tired!  Last spring, summer and fall, I didn't do much strenuous yard, garden or barn work, trying to wisely follow doctors' orders and fully recover from back surgery.  This spring, I'm doing more again.  While I'm still being careful, eighteen months of doing less has left me very out of shape, and few pounds heavier.  Ugh.  Hopefully I'll get used to this new activity level quickly!

5.  We've been feeding more dry hay to the cows lately, because we're almost out of balage.  Can you believe that the cows seem to have forgotten how to eat it?!  They toss their heads around trying to tear off small pieces, and the light weight cakes go flying out of their mangers and onto the floor!  Silly cows!  They'll get used to it again I'm sure.

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  1. i feel older and heavier than last year, too. :( maybe i need to eat more fiber and less good stuff (hay vs. silage). :)

  2. Peonies are my favorite flower. Have never seen a fern leaf--very nice.

  3. Fern leaf is one variety of peony I don't have and hope you'll share photos when yours is in bloom. I'm sure with all the work entailed on a farm the extra pounds will start to melt away this summer.
    Lovely pots of pansies!

  4. That Peony makes it look like early May!

  5. Im right there with you and Texwisegirl. My hubby had back surgery last year still not his old self but he has arthritis too. Doesn't make it any easier. Have a great weekend.


  6. Some folks have orange blood whiles have green. Quite the peony, our snow just melted. I like your bucket planter. Take care of your back. Fussy cows!

  7. Wow, I can't believe you have peonies almost ready to bloom, and that they are hardy. They must be quite different from regular peonies. I hear ya about older and heavier. -Jenn

  8. Some of our calving cows does the same thing, slinging the hay on their back as if to chase the flies and on the floor... lol.

    I'm feeling older too this spring. I've started raking the front yard by the road where the plow has damaged our lawn. I hope to do more today.

    I love your tractor color, you can see it coming from far away. Love that very green grass.
    Have a great weekend. Your pansies are lovely.

  9. Wow, buds on your peonies already! I think of them for mid-May or Memorial Day.

  10. That is funny about the cows. Our tractor is orange too. Though I wouldn't mine having a green riding lawn mower. ;)
    Your pansies look lovely all nestled up next to the house.
    I hope they don't freeze too. We are finally getting the rain the weather man said we would get last year. It is wonderful but all of those weeds I chopped will be back. :)
    I am glad you are doing so much better, but this spring training is tough, no matter how you look at it. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. I love the tractor - built in a day when stout tractors were built to last! No need of a green vehicle in all your fine farm greenery! Spring will really be here soon, so keeping your plants close to the house is keeping them ready to bloom and shine when it gets warm...

  12. Your fern leaf peony looks great. Weather has been very chilly here for April and I haven't even got any pansies yet ... maybe next week.

  13. Nice tractor. Would be nice if spring weather would arrive and stay for a while. : )

  14. 1. Orange is a good color for a tractor.
    2. I've never seen a fern leaf peony before, that is super cool.
    3. Your pansies look so pretty all lined up on the porch in their pots.
    4. I feel old every day now - Turning 60 this year didn't help me feel any younger.
    5. Well those silly cows!

  15. Alica, if you saw the big bales still sitting in fields, unused, here, you would groan.

  16. I have thought about growing the fern leaf peony but wasn't sure how big it got. It's HUGE and Lovely and ever so exciting.


  17. Oh I love pansies. So pretty. We get some Johnny Jump Ups in with our strawberries and they always make me smile.

  18. I know what you mean about being out of shape. It was horrible when I had my foot surgery and really could start doing things again when winter came. You'll be back to yourself in no time! Love your orange tractor! You won't find green tractors around my farm either. Thanks so much for joining in Friday's Hunt. Have a great week!

  19. My back issues have definitely limited my activity over the past two years (had a fall in 2014 + sciatica). Yep, the extra pounds are so hard to lose. Thanks so much for sharing at R5F, Alica. xo

  20. It seems to take a while to get back up to speed after surgery. I thought life would return to normal fast - HA! If only those pounds came off as easily as they go on. I've never seen a fern leaf peony. Looking forward to seeing it in bloom. Our weather has been on a roller coaster lately, too. I want off! LOL

  21. Alicia,
    The fern leaf peony is a new one to me. I hope you post pictures of the blooms! They look like something I would like. My Gma W had peonies.

    I love your pansies all lined up. I'm an old bucket finder too! I like to paint mine, but have a couple I think I'll leave "rustic".

    It's dry here and the wind has been extreme. We have a good chance for moisture this weekend and are crossing our fingers for some much needed rain.

    I hope you continue to heel, gain strength and feel good. Take care of yourself!


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