Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spring Cleaning...

Well hello spring! We're so glad you're finally here... to stay!

Every day there's something more to do that seems so important, as I'm sure you can identify with! 

Today I cleaned out the chicken pen...

I had kind of forgotten how dusty chicken litter is. Ugh. Since I only have twelve chickens, it didn't take long. I think I counted seven wheelbarrow loads, and they weren't very heavy, which was nice...

Over the last couple of days, I've also been working on cleaning up my compost bins and reinforcing them, so the timing was perfect. I finally emptied the one side, pulled the pallets out, straightened them, and made them more solid by screwing some wood across the top to hold them together. (Ignore the very crooked center pallet. It's rotten on the bottom third, and I'll replace it when we empty another one)

The chicken litter went in the empty half, to start a new batch of compost. The pile on the right will soon be "finished", and if I keep turning it, it won't be long until I'll be able to use it in either my garden or perennial bed...

Here's what I did with the batch that came out of the left side...

This flower bed doesn't have the greatest soil. It's kind of dry and powdery, which is totally different than the big bed that I got rid of last summer. That one had tremendous soil and grew giant perennials! I'm trying to build up this one by using mushroom soil and now compost. It might never be great, but every little bit helps!

We're definitely in full swing about you?


  1. Oh my, as a kid I detested cleaning the chicken coop. Of course back then I didn't garden and enjoy the benefits of chicken compost in the garden.

  2. Full swing indeed. Love your little boot and bucket garden. Chicken coop cleaning I have to tell you was never the highlight of my spring:) Hugs B

  3. Garden clean-up in full swing here too, my aching body reminds me! I remember helping my grandparents gather eggs in the small chicken barn, and how dry and dusty it was in there.

  4. Yep, coop cleaning not on my fun list. Good thing you can make good use of all those loads of crud. Best stuff for gardens ever.

  5. that last shot is so cute! happy, happy spring!!

  6. I always felt so good after cleaning my henhouses! Dirty, but good.
    100 chickens makes a difference!
    The coyotes.... yes, that poor boy was on the lean side... I realized as I watched him yesterday that they really have to find ALL their food... and no, I don't think they would dare attack a big Hereford, not with the mamas all around.

  7. Many jobs well done.

    I miss an abundance of manure for my compost.

  8. You've been busy doing your spring cleaning - I haven't been so productive although I do love cleaning out my flower beds. The perennials are really starting to show themselves and would appreciate not having to fight the weeds. I need to get busy. Your post has inspired me!
    Have a great weekend


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