Saturday, February 13, 2016

Friday's Hunt #7 (just a little behind schedule!)...

I know, it's not Friday...and I'm a day late for Friday's Hunt with Teresa at Eden Hills!

It's been a busy couple of days, and I wasn't sure if I'd get a post finished or not, but finally there's time to sit and relax, so here goes.  I'm also going to go a little out of order this week, which goes against my grain, but oh well.

First up is "in my kitchen".  There's been a lot of hot tea consumed lately around here, and the tea box just got refilled.  It sits on my kitchen counter right beside the stove.  What's your favorite flavor?

Next up is "week's favorite"...

Tonight was the county orchestra concert, and Jenna played in the Sinfonietta.  We were sitting in the balcony, which gave us a nice view of the whole group.  They're warming up here, waiting for the concert to begin...

Last but not least is "starts with G...

I'm tired, so I chose "good night" for this one.  This picture was taken last night, just as the sun was about to go down.  The last couple of days have been long and hard.  We've been blasted with some frigid air and strong winds, and finally we are in the warm house and ready to say good night!

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  1. A very succeeded collection of photos. My favorite tee flavors are vanilla, lemon and berries. But your Week's favorite is mine too.

    R. Täysin arkista

  2. Your tea box is lovely. My favorite tea is King Cole tea. It's packaged in our neighbouring city and is a favorite of many friends and family.
    I can relate to being tired. It goes with farming.
    It's cold here too but it's supposed to warm up tomorrow.

    Happy Valentine Day.

  3. Lovely sunset. I love that whole box of tea just inviting people to have a warm drink! Love the formal look to the concert. Thank you so much for joining in Friday's Hunt.

  4. I'll take a cup of Earl Grey please! The concert sounds like a lot of fun and the sunset shot is beautiful. You guys stay warm up there! :)

  5. Nothing like a cup of warmness, a kid orchestra and a winter sunset to make the day better. Stay away from those slick roads and icy fingers.

  6. I am the only tea drinker in our house. I like a bit of Celestial Seasonings.

  7. I'm not much of a tea drinker but if I do have a cup I like jasmine tea.

  8. What a lovely photo of the sun going down! I bet the concert was wonderful. :) I love herbal teas in the evening and late afternoon.

  9. I like a stout English Breakfast tea! The 'good night' is beautiful I am not much of a fan of winter, but a sunset that beautiful is one of the few treats of the season. I love an orchestra, the sound of brass and strings that cannot be equalled!

  10. I drink tea all the time too. I keep a pot of hot water in my wood stove. I have a lot of favorite teas.


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