Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday's Hunt #6...

Once again it's time for another Friday's Hunt post.  Thanks Teresa, for hosting again!

This week's prompts are...

Starts with F...

We've had two fresh cows this week, and are expecting two or three more at any time!  For those of you unfamiliar with farmer lingo, a fresh cow is a cow that has just had a calf.  This cow just had her third calf, but we have a slew of two year old heifers that will soon be freshening and joining the milking herd...

*the correct answer to yesterday's post about this cow and her unusual birth is...the calf was born backwards...or breech.  The fact that both the cow and calf were facing the same direction indicates that the calf was born back feet first.  Normally the calf presents it's two front feet first, with the nose on top of the if were taking a dive headfirst off a diving board.  You can quickly determine that the calf is breech if the bottom of the hooves are pointing upwards.  (think about how the bottoms of your feet are face up as you enter the water from a dive) It's usually a little more difficult calving, and the cow often needs a bit of assistance when this happens. Jim peeked in on her, noticed right away what was going on, and was able to help her without complications.  The calf was big, but she is an experienced mother, and that was definitely to her benefit!

The second prompt is "week's favorite"...

Yesterday was my Mom's 83rd birthday, and tonight my Dad invited us down to their house for a birthday party.  Definitely a favorite from this week!

The last one is "negative space"...

I'm a novice photographer, but when I looked up what it meant, and looked at some of the other photos, I came up with this one.  It's from a snow storm about five or six years ago, but I was able to find it!  The focus is on the milk truck of course, but  I thought the blowing blinding snow gives the proper effect.  And yes, it really did look like that on that very cold winter day.  I remember it clearly...

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  1. That is perfect for negative space (other than being cold)! Happy birthday to your mom! I can certainly see why that is the week's favorite. I'm going to have to go check out yesterday's post. In goats, it's not such a big deal for them to be born breach. Tail first is an issue though! Glad mom and calf are both doing well. Thanks so much for joining Friday's Hunt.

  2. Great find for negative space. Belated happy birthday to your Mom.

  3. I've heard that term so often, but never really had it explained. Thanks!

  4. Happy birthday to your mom! Yes, I can very well understand why that's your favourite this week! How wonderful the momma cow and calf are okay! Glad your husband was there to help out.

  5. Hahaha, I help with birthing all the time and I didn't even clued in that you were talking about the calf being still inside the mother. I was looking at the big calf outside already born. It was a long morning yesterday. I had a new calf too. lol...

    Happy birthday to your sweet mom. What a great dad to invite the family over for a birthday party. Sounds like a great idea...
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Great post! Love your pictures and the stories that accompany each one.
    Sending belated birthday wishes to your mom.
    Your parents are just as cute as couple as can be :)

    Have a great day.


  7. i like your pick for negative space. :) sweet photo of your parents!!

  8. Alicia,
    Hope your calving season goes smooth. Glad things turned out ok after the backwards birth.

    Yeah for celebrating special people in your life. Happy Birthday to your Mom.

    Hope you have a great week.

  9. Alicia, Great to have family birthdays and the fuel truck one really tells the story. Sylvia D.

  10. Happy, happy birthday to your mom! I'm glad the cow and her calf are both doing well. We do worry about our critters come birthing time. My goats are due in a week or two. I actually think I remember your last picture from awhile back. :)

  11. What a cool negative space picture! Glad mom and baby are doing well.


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