Friday, October 23, 2015

Reminiscing...and Counting Fodder Bales...

What do reminiscing and counting fodder bales have in common?

Absolutely nothing!

That being said, this picture had me reminiscing this morning, when it showed up on my face book feed ...

Apparently I posted it four years ago today, and it popped up again.  This is Tigger, and it was taken on a Sunday morning in the barn.  Jim was reading something in the newspaper while the last few milkers finished up, and Tigger decided to play.

As for counting fodder bales...

The final count for 2015 is twenty five wagon loads, plus a few pickup loads of bales that Jim dropped onto the ground once the wagons were full.  You can barely see them laying in the field...

If my math is correct, that's well over 3200 bales of corn fodder!  Twenty one wagons unloaded, and four wagons full, backed into the barn.  The weather these past few weeks has been amazing!  Long stretches of dry weather have farmers all around the neighborhood flailing, raking, baling and unloading load after load of fodder. We'll use the fodder off the wagons first...just so they're empty by spring when it's time to think about baling hay again.  Oi.

What's next?  After the baler and rake are put away of course...

Probably cleaning out heifer pens again, now that the fields are bare.  Maybe a day or so of "not so busy-ness?" can be found in there somewhere too.

That would be nice!


  1. Wow, that a good job done. The cows will appreciate that.
    That photo of Tigger is just too cute. It would look great on a farm calendar.

  2. WOW that is a lot you are all set now. Yippee. Love Tiger attacking the hat. Hug B

  3. a farmer's work is never done, for sure! love that photo!

  4. Cute cat and the hat shot! Hope you enjoy that feeling of intense satisfaction when all that work associated with harvesting the crop is over. At the moment here the tractors and machinery are busy preparing the ground for this years crops.

  5. Whew! That's a LOT of fodder! Does your daughter still have goats???

    1. No, she doesn't. She enjoyed it, but doesn't have the time it takes to do a good job with them now.

  6. Never a dull moment on the farm. Love the action shot of the cat.


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