Friday, October 16, 2015

Baling Corn Fodder 2015...

This is how Jim has spent a lot of time the past week or so...

We'll have LOTS of good bedding for the cows and heifers for the next year!


  1. How nice!! I hope you get everything in before you get any more rain.

  2. It's so nice having the crops and bedding in on time before the rain. A good job done. i love seeing those bales fly in the wagon.

    The cows will be happy.

  3. Not to put any pressure on you, but there are Five Fridays until Thanksgiving, I hope Jim has a chance to REST that weekend! :-)

  4. I always love seeing your posts. Your way of life is so different than mine has been, but deep down, I have always loved the 'farm life'. It just wasn't in the books for me. The picture of the black/grey chickens is beautiful. That is one thing that I remember Mama having when I was little. Thank you again for sharing your beautiful life with so many.

  5. Great little video.
    How nice that you have plenty of bedding for the animals :)



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