Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day...

After the cold February we had, we were thinking that maybe winter was almost over.  March has different ideas, though.

The kids woke to a snow day...the first one of the school year.  We've had numerous two hour delays, which are nice because the school day counts, and doesn't have to be made up at the end of the year, but this is the first day off.  It means more help in the barn for us...but somehow I don't think that was first and foremost in their minds!  :)  Hopefully there won't be any unwelcome surprises, and they'll have some time to relax and enjoy the day.

The snow started in the wee hours of the morning, and these pictures were taken right before breakfast...

The empty corner hutch...waiting for spring until we can turn the water on again and put some calves in there.  Jenna uses the empty hutches to store hay for the little calves that she carries water to...

The abandoned sand box.  I think this picture was my favorite...

Those old barn boots with perennials planted in them are soaking up the moisture, just waiting for spring.  It's amazing to me that the plants come back year after year, even when they're not buried deep underground!

It's snowing like crazy outside the window, and we'll see what it amounts to. It's a heavy, wet snow, and no fun to push.  The milk truck comes today, so Jim will be busy opening the driveway before he comes.  'Til it's all said and done, we're supposed to get 4" - 6".  We'll see!  I know that's peanuts compared to what some of you have seen this winter, but it's our first substantial snowfall.  After the bitter cold we had in February, I think I'd rather have this!

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  1. Love the sand box and the boots.. Pretty images, Enjoy your snow day!

  2. It's now an "ice box":-) Beautiful snowy scenes...I know the kids love being out of school today!

  3. I just love the boots, they are something different to see :))
    Have a beautiful day

  4. i love the tractors in the snow, too! hope you have some fun in the snow today! we got another load of snow and sleet last night in texas, too, but this morning we've got SUN for the first time in about a week and a half! yippee!

  5. Kids love snow why not aye. Nice pictures.

  6. I hope the snow will not be too much of an inconvenience for you folks and that it will melt fast.

    I love the tractors and equipment in the ice. Very cute.

    Hang in there, spring is only 15 more days to Spring.

    Take care, Hugs,

  7. Brrr.... that's some cold looking weather!
    We got snow here last weekend as well. We just barely planted some new tubers and bulbs and then it snowed.

    Spring is on it's way though... I just know it :)


  8. Brrrrr.....It's so wintery looking. I liked the shot with the dog and the tractors in the ice.

  9. Those really are neat pictures with the snow frozen to things in the sandbox. Brrrr, is right. It's that way here too, but the weatherman promised warmer temps for the weekend. We'll be in low 40's woohoo. I've always felt sorry for corw in the winter. But I know they are snug as a bug in the barn and they probably don't mind it that much.

  10. So sorry about the snow but it is so pretty!

  11. Hi Alica, Great snow pics and I love the sand box with the trucks. We had a snow day here in Texas too with 4 inches of snow over night. Brrr cold for us and so rare. The suns out and it's all melting but the school kids got a snow day.
    Love your blog and so enjoyed my visit.
    Thanks for stopping by too.
    Hugs, CM

  12. The sand box and the boots are great, but then so are all your photos. Great shots!

  13. It looks like winter never left. I love all of your snow pictures though. So cold, I think I felt it right through the screen.

  14. Snowy scenes all over the USA! Beautiful photos and I like that sandbox. It looks quite icy now! I love all the different frames you shared. Lovely! Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. The snow makes everything so pretty but it does look very cold.

  16. I do hope you get spring soon. Our weather looks like it's taking a long-term turn to the warmer starting today. Very excited for that! Love those boot planters.

  17. such pretty photos. I also have some perennials in old shoes - I just can't see how they plants are protected enough to come back! And I planted a little tiny bay tree in a pot last spring - it's been outside in the weather, so I'm anxious to see if it can come back, too. Starting to feel the itch for spring and growing things. . .

  18. Love the photo of the abandoned sandpit! I am so glad I came across your blog. Your climate for farming is so very different from ours here in Australia. I am really going to enjoy following your blog.


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