Tuesday, February 17, 2015


We got some snow overnight, but it was only a little nuisance this morning.

Look...the half door (under the light) was open when I went out this morning. That's a really good sign that it's toasty inside the barn...

I think the undisturbed snow is so pretty.  This was just as we finished milking this morning...

It wasn't deep at all...just about two inches of light, fluffy snow, but it was enough to give the kids a two hour delay this morning.  That was perfect timing, being that it's Fasnacht Day today!  I had time to run to the grocery store and pick some up before they left for school. We started out with equal numbers of powdered and sugared...you can easily see which are the favorites.  Trouble is, I'm the one home with the leftovers...

Dust Bunny and Little Ed found a perfect place to sun themselves on the south side of the milk house.  They certainly don't care that there's snow on the ground.  The sun is shining, and the snow has already melted off their perch on top of the compressor shanty...

And this last picture has absolutely nothing to do with the snow.  I went over to the other farm to check on a springer, and just happened to have my camera in the car.  This old sycamore tree was just so beautiful against the blue sky, I couldn't resist...

It's to get cold again in a few days, but for now we're enjoying the beautiful snow and the heat wave!


  1. had to google fasnacht day. very cool! you have donuts. louisiana does king's cakes. :)

  2. Yes, it still looks very cold in your photos. Love the snow photo with the flash lighting the snow!!! Enjoy your festival celebration.

  3. I guess each area have their own customs. In my area, we call today Shrove Tuesday and churches have pancake suppers.
    When I was kid, we called it Mardi Gras and we made fudge and toffee and on WAsh Wednesday it was serious fasting and penance until Easter, except we had sundays fast free.
    I love to learn about other people's custom s and traditions.

  4. Lovely photos ! I do like a fresh new snow fall looks soo pretty ! Oh those donuts look YUMMY ! ya know I haven't had a donut of any kind in ages . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  5. I presume someone out there milking early in the morning opened the door, and not the cows when they were getting too hot overnight?

  6. It is lovely and beautiful. So glad you took pictures. I hope it warms up today.

  7. Such a great little look at your day :)
    The snow is pretty, and that tree looks spectacular against the bluest of skies! Great shot!!

    Stay warm, and safe.


  8. I love the shot of the snow. The lights at the barn make it all look so welcoming.
    I had not heard of Fasnacht - the pastry or the celebration. I was fascinated to find out that they were traditionally made to use up pantry items before Lent. Interesting!


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