Monday, January 5, 2015

Some Fiddling Fun...

So...this year for Christmas, we got Jenna a fiddling book, at the recommendation of Jim's cousin Durelle, who is a gifted musician.  After our extended family gathering on Saturday, he stopped over...with his guitar...and the two of them had some fiddling fun.

Keep in mind that this is all simple sight reading, and it's their first time playing together.  After all the classical training Jenna's had, it's fun to try something different!

Here are two short videos, just for fun.

The first one is slow...

...and this second one is faster and catches my ear.  Part way through, my memory card got full, so it's rather short...

We're looking forward to hearing more, as time allows.  Maybe I'll have to pick up the guitar and practice a few chords!


  1. oh my gosh, i'm totally impressed! the talent just pours from both of them! and it was their first time to play together?!?!

  2. Amazing! I wish, I wish I had kept playing piano... and guitar! You are so blessed to have two good musicians in the family!

  3. Alica that is just great!!! They sound awesome together.
    I loved them both!!

  4. How wonderful!
    What a nice treat.


  5. Alica, there's nothing like music in the home to bring people together. They sound great together. I so wish I could play the fiddle. I was learning to play the violin but shortly after I had a radical mastectomy and had difficulty lifting my arm to play and I'm sorry to say that the violin is still hanging on the wall.

    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Happy New Year.

  6. Great work, both to the players and the video photographer. Thanks for the cheery post!

  7. WOW, I'm blown away. That young lady is doing great. i hope she stays with it as she has talent. So nice to have someone to jamb with too.

  8. Oh I just loved and enjoyed both of these so much she is very talented as is the guitar player. Hug B

  9. Wow! She is so talented-I loved both videos! As good as those sounded she'll plow through that new book before you know it : )

  10. Very impressive!

  11. Oh, Jenna! That sounds great!

  12. Some really wonderful sounds those two made!!


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