Monday, December 29, 2014

Family Time...

It's been a relatively busy couple of weeks here..

The five cows that were due to freshen within a few days of Christmas all had their calves a week or three early!  We had three heifer calves, a single bull and a set of bull twins.  It was nice to have the cows freshen early and get any potential freshening "problems" out of the way before the Christmas festivities began!

Since I've been out of commission, the kids have really stepped up to the plate.  Eric's been getting up early and feeding most mornings before school and helping every day over break, and Jenna's been feeding calves before school and helping more in the barn over break as well.  We also have a neighbor who helps, but we're trying to give him some time off before the kids head back to school.  We couldn't do it without them!

Here are a few pictures of our family Christmas at my parent's house.  It might be family photo overload, but we had fun with a photo booth that my sister set up in my parents' basement.

This is a picture of me, my sisters and my Mom. I don't think she looks like she's 81, does she?  (bottom right)

A silly one...

...and then the girl cousins took a turn...

...and the boys, minus one...

Here they all are, outside after lunch.  The weather was so nice...we actually had sunshine!

And just for fun, we had them line up from tallest to shortest.  The second oldest nephew is "only" 6' 5.5", and the youngest is only 11 years old, so it will be interesting to see how this line might change in the next few years.  I doubt anyone else will become the tallest, but the order of the others might change a bit...

On Saturday night we all went to my oldest nephew's new house to have a hot dog roast and watch football.  The impromptu back rub line could have gone on for a lot longer, in my opinion...

It's been good having family around.  Some have already left, but the others will be here for a few days yet.  I'm feeling a little blue since surgery...feeling really good physically, but a bit out of sorts otherwise.  I think it's probably somewhat related to the fact that I'm not allowed to do some of my regular work, and I feel a little useless.  I'm worried that since I'm feeling good, I'll get careless and re injure my back, which would be bad news.  I guess I need to work on making the house inviting and comforting for those who have to do my work!  I see the surgeon tomorrow for my two week post op visit, and I'm curious to see what he has to say.

I hope you all had a nice time with your families and friends over the holidays!


  1. No way your Mom looks 81 she is beautiful. I am so happy you are taking it easy and healing you have an awesome support system. I love family overload pics:) Happy New Year it is going to be wonderful and pain free if you keep doing what you are doing and let others take care of you. HUG B

  2. Happy Holidays Alica, I'm so glad your cows freshened before Christmas. Ours have kept on like it was in fashion.
    I had another calf yesterday and that makes it the 21st since November. My husband injured his knee so it's mostly just me and my son. My husband will do the occasional morning milking when his knee isn't paining too much, something about his tendon. I don't milk the cows.

    What fun having the family around and clowning around in a photo booth. I love it...

    Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  3. I am so glad you are doing so much better. You are up and that is good. :) I think you have a lovely family and it is so nice to see all of you having a good time. Isn't sitting and having to watch other people do your work the worst thing in the world? I know it is for me, I think being able to be up and about helps my state of mind and me to heal faster. :) I am glad you are doing so well and I am so glad you had such a nice Christmas.

  4. loved the photos - laughed at the 'staches and the tallest to smallest. :) just relax, please, and give yourself some time to mend! :)

  5. Lovely photos . Wonderful looking family . I am glad all went well with the births of the calves ! Glad you all had a good Christmas as well , When I was a kid on our farm I had to do chores before school and after lol ! Thanks for sharing , Hope you and your family have a Happy New Year !

  6. Alica, I am woefully behind the times, and did not know you had surgery... I'm so sorry... hope you are feeling better. Your family Christmas looked wonderful!

  7. Love the mustache photo! So cute! Nice that you have family nearby to enjoy!

  8. Alicia,
    Family time is priceless. Sounds like you had a good visit over Christmas.

    Glad to hear your surgery went good and you are healing. Take care of yourself.

    Best to you and your family in 2015.

  9. Hope your recovery continues smoothly!

  10. Wow, I knew Curtis was tall but didn't realize he's that tall! Looks like your family had fun. Take good care of yourself while healing.

  11. What a fun way to spend the holidays. I love the photos. It was nice that you had fun with them instead of the same old same old. I wish you a happy healthy New Year!


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