Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Now That the Fields Are Bare...

Now that the fields are bare...

...I kind of like the look.  

Once again, it's that change of seasons.  Just about the time we get used to the way things look, the scenery changes.

This morning Daniel and Jim fenced off the two alfalfa fields you can see here. Those fields were baled several weeks ago, and have enough new growth on them to keep the cows happy.

They were happy enough that they paid no mind to the temporary electric fences...their heads were down and they were too busy eating...

...and they came back in the barn happy and content for milking this evening...

...which we certainly won't complain about!

You better believe they'll be itching to get out there again tomorrow morning!


  1. nothing better than happy cows (or cattle) on good grass!

  2. I can see them smiling. It looks beautiful and relaxing:) finally. Hug B

  3. Very nice farm land pictures with happy cows. It looks beautiful. A perfect ending to the growing season.

  4. I have been trying to get a picture of a herd of cows turned out in a corn field here that I see every day on my way to the old place... you got a much better one than I got!

  5. I love those pictures Alica, they are so beautiful.
    I can just imagine how happy those cows are.
    What a wonderful time it is, Fall, just before every thing goes to sleep.

  6. That first picture with the tree is perfectly framed.

  7. Nothing like happy cows and the harvest complete!


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