Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Refill..Finally...'s been a really unusual year here.  Never, ever before, have we refilled our silos so late in the year!

Spring planting was late because of the cool spring.  Initial silo filling was late because spring planting was late...and so refilling silo was pushed back as well!

Jim had some "late corn"...or "short season corn" that was planted into an old hay field this spring after second cutting of hay.  One purpose of planting "late corn" is so that there is still some corn green enough to chop when it's time to refill...or "top off" the silos before winter.

Last week's 4" of rain held things up a bit, but when the weather is cool like it has been here, the corn doesn't dry down too quickly.  Monday morning, bright and early, Jim and Daniel raised the last silo unloader, and the chopper pulled in just after breakfast.

The field they chopped was at our neighbors' farm.  Here comes one of the full loads, heading for home. The guys tried hard to stay out of the yard, because of how soft the ground was, so they cut across a small corner of the bean field...  (isn't their house beautiful?!  I think it was built in 1863)

The chopper is waiting for one of the two wagons to unload at home, and return.  Our farm is behind those trees you see in the distance.  The silos aren't quite tall enough to stick out over the top...

Just a different perspective of the wagons unloading at the silos.  This load is going into the silo at the west...see the gooseneck at the top of the pipe?

And as usual...when the silos get almost full, Jim climbs to the top to signal to the tractor driver when to shut off the hydraulics on his wagon.  He then swings the gooseneck into the other silo and they fill that one up...

Now both silo unloaders have been set up, and it's on to the rest of the fall work.  Today it's raining, so Jim and Daniel are replacing some cow mats in the stable.  When it dries off, Jim will mow and bale the rest of 5th cutting hay, have the beans and corn combined, and bale corn fodder.  Oh...and haul manure.  There's still a lot of fall work to do.  It's the busiest time of the year here!


  1. i could almost smell the silage. the wagons brought back memories, too.

  2. It certainly has been a strange year for crops I am glad you are getting it done and lots to put up. That is a very pretty house.
    That is a mighty tall ladder to the top of that silo some one would like that here I am sure:) Hug B

  3. I'm getting tired just reading about all that work!

  4. A farmers's work is never done.I'm glad that you are getting a lot of Fall work done and things seems to run smoothly at your farm. It's a good feeling to know that the silos are full.
    I hope that your back is starting to get better and that you're not in constant pain any more.
    It's raining here too today and it supposed to rain for the rest of the week.

  5. I wish you would write a book about a year on the farm... it would be so good! Of course, you have so much spare time. Maybe you'd better start working on it! :-)

  6. Your handsome cows should say a big thanks for all you do for them. Well, I guess they pay it all back in gallons and gallons of milk.

  7. Never a slow moment on a farm!

  8. How do you ever get 5 cuttings of hay?!

  9. What a great job to have done. It has been a really odd year here too.


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