Monday, September 29, 2014

Seeding Rye Grass 9/29/14...

It's Monday morning once again, and the work week has begun on the farm. Our neighbor who helps each morning was hunting last week...and we missed him!  He's back today, and things feel a little bit more back to normal.

We got a call this morning that the no-till drill that Jim rents was available today (unexpectedly), so Jim went to pick it up.  He was planning to seed rye grass in the field after silage corn as usual, but wanted to do something a little different this year.  Last year when the rye grass was cut and baled, we ended up with more corn fodder in the bales than we had hoped.  It made a mess to be swept out of the cows' troughs each day, so this time he ran over the field a time or so with the disk, to try to break up the corn stalks a bit before planting.  I think it looks like it will help.

He got started fairly early with the seeder, and here he's making a round in the field...

Do you see how much more brown the beans are in that field beyond the tractor?  A week ago when I posted, they looked much more green...

I took him some coffee, and he needed to stop anyway, to refill with seed...

It's working out great to get this field seeded today, because there's a chance of rain in the forecast.  That would be perfect timing!

Here's to a good week of getting some projects completed...I'm trying some recipes with ground cherries, a first for me...and a week of feeling a little better.  I'm scheduled to have a second injection next week in hopes to see even more improvement and keep me out of the surgeon's office.


  1. truly hoping the injections are doing the trick! and hooray for good seeding and (fingers crossed) good timed rains!

  2. So glad your back is starting to feel better and your seeding is done before the rain starts. We're waiting for rain too here. The tarp barn is all set up and my hubby is trying to haul the baled hay from the field before rain starts.
    Have a good week.

  3. I'm happy the injections are helping you. I'm due for another one also. Hope you were able to get the field seeded. We ended up getting rain here that was not predicted, so hope that didn't happen to you.

  4. I'm glad the weather and the machinery are cooperating for you. Hope you can stay away from the surgeon. They do a good job patching up problems but they haven't seemed to figure out how to send you home without a bottle of drugs for the pain they've caused.

  5. I'm not fond of hunters on our land...they always mess up the gates and knock down the fences and well...are a general pain. We post everything. It wasn't that way years ago, but people are rude nowdays.


    1. I'm sure that is a pain, when people disrespect your property!! We don't let many people hunt on our property either, because they don't always pick up their shells afterwards, and that can pose a problem with hardware disease in our cows, if the "trash" gets into the feed. We have no woods, so it's mostly goose hunters that ask to hunt here. Our helper was hunting on some of his family's ground, where they have woods. He didn't even see one deer...disappointing for him!

  6. I hope that the medicine keeps working. Your fields look wonderful and now nice to get all of that work done before the rain. I always enjoy seeing your farm work.

  7. Nice to get that out of the way. Take care of yourself and do not overdo I worry you know. Hug B

  8. Hope that you got the rain that you were hoping for.
    My husbands grandparents dry-farmed and grain {wheat} was planted this time of year, and I can tell you rain, and snow was a blessing **smile**.

    My heart-felt "get better soon" wishes going out to you!
    I hope you are mended and feeling better soon.

  9. I am sorry you are having the trouble with your back. I hope you do feel better soon, and don't have to have surgery.


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