Thursday, September 18, 2014

And the Answer Is...

For those of you who read my last post...
(Or for those of you who didn't)

I posted this picture...

...and asked what was missing.

There were 10 comments, and two of them were correct.  The anonymous comment (which was from my father in law Lloyd) and Robyn both noticed that the header was laying in the foreground, with no chopper attached. Good eyes!  :)

Soon after the east silo was full and they had begun filling the west silo, there was a breakdown.  Something went wrong with the transmission that runs the header.  So...the chopper (minus the header) headed to the shop for repairs.  They were up and running again by 5 pm and were able to finish before bed time.

We're thankful to have three silos full of nice corn silage.  Next comes 5th cutting of hay.

Stay tuned...


  1. Thanks for solving the puzzle. We don't cut corn so I have no idea to how the corn cutting machinery has changed since I first came to live on the farm. I know that it has changed a lot.

  2. 5th cutting of hay? Oh my!

    This year was very rare with some ranchers in our area able to take advantage of a second cutting. Amazing how different locations can vary so much.

  3. oh, hooray!!! i swear, there is always equipment breakdown in farming. always!

  4. Well goodness, I just thought it was supposed to be that way, duh!! I feel sheepish.
    Your year has been a very good year. I think that God has His hand on your life and it shows by the way your corn is cut and the cuttings of hay. I was thinking about you and that this week.

  5. 5th cutting! You're having a banner year!


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