Sunday, June 8, 2014

Our Confused Cat...

Poor Minnie...

On Easter Sunday, she gave birth to two beautiful orange and white kitties...

Unfortunately, they died an early, tragic death.

Minnie was almost inconsolable.  After a week or so, she seemed to get over her grief.

Then...another cat who had a litter of five kitties, brought her litter out of hiding.  She hid them underneath the pallet of barn dri bags that sits outside the cow stable.

Guess who thinks that this litter belongs to her?!

She's in her glory!


  1. oh, dear! my neighbor has two female cats that 'share' their litters, too!

  2. She looks like a good mother. I had a mother cat who let the other kittens suckle on her last year, it was a good thing as the other mother cat didn't had a motherly instinct.


  3. There is nothing more tragic than death. I'm glad she found some solace.

  4. So sad to hear about Minnie's beautiful kittens. This litter will be really plump kitties since they are hitting two milk bars. Minnie looks very happy now :)

  5. Oh, she's a good little mama kitty.

    Hope you have a happy day :)


  6. I am so happy that she has a family. She looks so happy and contented.
    Your iris bed is something that I just love looking at against that white fence. I think about it all of the time and how perfect it is and how hard you must work to get it that way.

  7. Wow, I love that story! Minnie looks so blissful in that last photo. A roaming barn cat dropped off one of her kittens in our barn one night last week. Second time she did that and I'm now enamored with all things barn "kitteny". And I'm a dog person! I'm enjoying your blog, and hope the kittens are doing well!

  8. Aw, poor Minnie. Glad she's got some new kittens. I remember how sad our cat was when her kittens left.


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