Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Barley 2014

I think in my last post, I updated at the end, that the barley was being combined that night!  It's been a whirlwind ever since and I'm just now getting around to posting some pictures from over the weekend.

The barley yield was really, really good...just over 100 bushels per acre.  No complaining about that, for sure!

I was on my way on an errand, when I saw the combine in the field, but didn't have my camera along.  So no pics of the combine in action, but here are some from another year if you'd like to see them.  You'll notice the barley looks different in the two posts.  Any ideas why??

I went to the other farm after milking, just in time to catch Jim finishing up with the baler in the first field...

Jim's Dad ran wagons back and forth from the other farm to home...

...where the kids unloaded it above the outside pen.  It'll make nice bedding for heifer pens...

Just as Jim finished up baling, his cousin Wes showed up at the other farm with his dirt bike.  He was on his way home from a day of riding in Delaware, and Jim took a quick spin in the now clean field before heading home...

All the barley straw has now been baled and unloaded.  Today one field was replanted with soybeans, and the second field will be replanted with short season corn this afternoon, as soon as the corn planter gets here.

It must be summer!


  1. Oh, how I love to read about your seasons in the field!

  2. really glad the barley harvest was a good one! and glad jim got a spot of fun, too. :) you do a ton of work!

  3. Your farmer sure doesn't looses any time . Glad you had a great harvest. Everything looks so nice.

  4. Wonderful to get the crops rotated. That straw will be nice to have too!
    You are certainly busy this time of year.


  5. Oh that is nice to get done. I love that you have all that help. It rains and rains here no cutting or baling anything here. Fun on a dirt bike that is fun, take care hug. B

  6. I know you are glad it is all finished!

  7. What a beautiful farm! Looks like a really good harvest.

  8. Another great farm report! I sure enjoy hearing about it all.

  9. Great!! It's been years since we raised barley. Harvest was always very itchy! But I adored the straw!!!


  10. So glad you had a great harvest!


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