Tuesday, December 10, 2013

First Snow...

It started on Sunday afternoon...the first snow of the season!

Lots of people had to be flexible, as several Christmas concerts were cancelled and treacherous roads caused a slimmer-than-expected crowd for the Youthgroup's Christmas Tea.  However...the kids were glad for a two hour delay for school on Monday morning.

By last evening, roads were just wet, but just as predicted...at daybreak today...the snow started again.  No school!

It's a pretty snow...we probably have about 4" so far,and it's still snowing. Jim and I got the barn work done early this morning and then took a little break.  The kids were able to sleep in and have a hot breakfast for once. Now they've been put to work..out shoveling.  (A nice perk for us on snow days!)

I took my camera for a walk, and here are a few of the pictures...

A dusting of snow that blew onto the porch adds a nice touch to the Christmas decorations...

Only a few short weeks ago, the trees were still full of leaves.  What a difference now...

Where are the chickens?

Inside of course!  They hate snow.  It can be raining hard, and they'll be outside, but in the snow, they all hang out inside their shed.  I had to take them some extra straw this morning, since the mud from yesterday's melting snow...and chickens in close quarters...make for a messy pen.  They've been happily scratching around in it, looking for treats...

Our rooster seems to be quite happy, crowing away from his perch on the fence...

I think winter is officially here!


  1. love your sweet natural berries and branches decorating things. and i love how you let the kids sleep, fill their bellies with a hot breakfast, then put them to work with shoveling. :)

  2. Love the skates on the sled. Just looks comforting. We have had snow Sunday and today. And school off both days for the grandkids. George

  3. Beautiful pictures. Perfect Winter scenes!!
    Remember the days when we wished for snow days, so that we could skip school?!
    Well, I suppose todays kids are just as anxious for a snow day, as we were back when.

    Stay warm, and enjoy the seasons beauty.

  4. Beautiful pictures, Alica. I am not a fan of winter, but that is pretty.

  5. Wow. Hard for me to imagine you just got snow. We've been in trenches since October 4. Your photos were wonderful. Glad you are enjoying it. It is nice to see things covered in a fresh coat of white.

  6. Great photos and I love your decorations and the snow makes everything look so Christmasy.

  7. Looks like you ordered the snow to complete your Christmas decorating. Still, I think the chickens are pretty smart.

  8. Neat set of snow pictures, Alicia!

    We got 5" a week ago and have had a couple dusting snows this week. Yesterday we had a heatwave and made it to the lower teens for an afternoon high!

    Yeah for a snow day to let the kiddos sleep in and have a family day. Never turn down a little extra help shoveling snow.

  9. LOVE your porch. We are going back to the 30's tomorrow, and then snow on Friday... just before our Yoder family gathering on Saturday. Keep the snow up there, okay???

  10. I love your Christmas decorations...my goodness they are so pretty...I love that style. Your chicken shed is a nice size...it is so funny how chickens do not like the snow. I agree that winter is here for sure!! It is so cold today!

  11. Lovely pictures! Glad you had help shoveling the snow.

  12. When snow come christmas also comes. Nice to see all your pictures. Hens feel warm when they are inside their home rather coming out in the snow...

  13. Great photos. It's snowing outside here right now ... cardinals in the feeders, very pretty for the moment .


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