Friday, August 27, 2010

Silo Filling

 Today was a reminder to me that, even though summertime can be incredibly busy, fall is definitely our busiest time of year.

The weather feels like fall.  Finally.  After a brutal summer, with countless days of high humidity and temps well into the 90's, this week has been lovely!  Mid-afternoon today, when the silage trucks and the chopper rolled in, it began to sound like fall around here too. 

It can be a challenge to know the right time to fill silo. The moisture level in the corn needs to be "just so" when it's chopped for silage.  Too get a lot of juice.  Too doesn't pack properly and can mold.  Either way, it can cause feeding problems.  Today it was just a little on the wet side, but that's the lesser of the two evils!

 I hitched a ride with one of the drivers this afternoon, hoping to get a few pictures.  Then I hopped in the chopper for a couple of rounds.  It gives you a new perspective, and a new appreciation for "farm safety" when you're out there with all of that machinery!  Things went relatively smoothly; only a few minor glitchesOur two 12' x 50' silos were filled in about four hours.

It's a good feeling to have this job well underway...we will refill in a few weeks, and put out a silage bag, which will be transferred to the silos during the winter, when the silos are getting empty and the ground is frozen.

Hopefully the cows feel the same way! 

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