Monday, February 5, 2018

Winter Projects...and Super Bowl LII...

I was going to save this for last, but it's WAY too important, so let's just get it over with, ok?


It sure was an exciting game!  Other than the outcome, which was a looooooong awaited win, the game was so much fun to watch, because both teams played really well!  We were biting our nails until the end, and let's just say that the dog that was napping at halftime...well he couldn't have slept if he'd wanted to in the final two minutes of that amazing game!

And the guy in the recliner?  He wasn't feeling well...and he was cheering for the Patriots...and he went to bed at half time.  I'm not so sure how easy it was for him to go to sleep either!

Fly Eagles Fly...

Ok, enough of that.

Before Christmas, we had a building project going on behind the barn...

We wanted some more storage space for some equipment here at home, so Jim consulted and got estimates from a couple of Amish crews, chose one, and they put this addition up in just a few days...

The Amish man who did the original design/estimate was tragically killed in a buggy accident the day after Thanksgiving.  His grandson who was heading the project made a few adjustments to the plans, and did a really great job with the building...

The only thing different about the project now, is that they added some rolling doors on the west side of the shed (facing you in this picture) to protect the contents inside from blowing snow and rain.  They were added a week or so later, and we're quite happy with the end result.

It even seems to help keep the west side of the barn a little warmer, by blocking the wind!

That's our big project for this winter!

Fly, Eagles, Fly...


  1. I don't watch the Super Bowl but I'm glad your favorite team won

    I could use some of those awesome Amish builders to repair our old farm buildings, especially the roofs. The Amish sure are great builders. How sad to have the one who designed the plan, loosing his life in a buggy accident.

    Hugs, Julia

  2. I wish we had Amish builders out here. That was all my Dad used when he lived in Oklahoma. He was always so happy with the results. How sad for that poor family. To loose someone like that. The barn looks great. Isn't it nice to have projects? I don't watch the super bowl, but I did hear that about the winners. It looks like you had a nice day.

  3. Congratulations on the Superbowl win. It was a great game. I think it is great to have your equipment protected. I'm sure the Amish do a quality job. We had some Carpenters make an overhang off of our garage for out tractor. When blizzard Atlas hit my husband decided to move the tractor out from under it. His instincts were right as it collapsed.

  4. We enjoyed watching the game, though we weren't invested in the outcome. However, as Kansas State football fans, we love Darren Sproles, so we were probably rooting for your team because of him - even though he was out for the season after an injury.

  5. I love football, & most sports that my BIL tracks (except golf, which.. I can't, even). I always root for whatever team BIL is playing BIL's team - and I talk smack all the way through, which is fun for both of us. #52 was a great game, totally worth watching. Even though BIL chose the Eagles. Oh well, his hockey team, the Jets, will be playing again soon & I do enjoy telling him how much they suck.

  6. Hello I changed my blog address :). I am happy your team won. Nice addition. They did excellent work and that is going to be such a good thing to have. Hug B

  7. I just found your blog. I love it at first read. We too have had our barn restored by an Amish crew. Ours is an old Tobacco barn that has housed all sorts of things in its lifetime. It had not been used for livestock since 2006 [excepting 1 Amish buggy horse]. We bought our farm in 2015 and have been restoring it to a small working farm again. I will be reading and catching up on your blog.


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