Monday, September 26, 2016

5th Cutting Is Finished...

It's hard to believe we're finally at this end of the summer!

Jim started mowing and baling hay in May...and five cutting later, here we are at the end of September.  He finished up with baling the last two contours here at home this afternoon.  Perhaps just in time, because the weather forecast is now calling for rain over the next few days.

We've finally said goodbye good riddance to the horrible humid heat wave that was summer...and have begun enjoying blue jeans and flannel shirt weather the past two days.  Yeah!  Can you tell I'm happy about that?


This load got backed into the barn to be unloaded another day...

Peanut has a "thing" for hay wagons, and promptly found a cozy hole to curl up in.  She's raised several litters of kittens in hay wagons over the years, but there will be NO MORE Peanut babies...

I still don't think she's forgiven us for that, but...

Now we move on to other the West Lampeter Fair.  The hubbub begins tomorrow (for me) as the baked good will be entered for Wednesday's judging, tasting (!!) and bake sale.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Yay! Happy for you that you finished up the hay!
    It's nice that the weather has started cooling down; I think everyone is ready for cooler weather :)
    Best of luck with your fair preparations.


  2. Yes, it is starting to feel more like Fall here, too. Ahhh, Peanut is adorable. -Jenn

  3. peanut is adorable. :) congrats on a successful haying season! good luck with the fair!

  4. Have fun at the fair some fun after all that work. HUG B

  5. What did you enter in the baking contest? Our Oktoberfest is this coming weekend. There's a salsa contest, but I don't plan to enter that. Now, if it were a cake contest, like several years ago, I might do that again! Good luck! You'll have to share the recipe.

    We got only three cuttings of alfalfa this year. Some years, we get four, but our first cutting was delayed by spring/early summer rains. I know it's a good feeling to get it done.

    I, too, was ready for cooler weather. This week, it's perfect early fall weather here in Kansas. Randy started planting wheat yesterday.

    1. Hi Kim,

      I didn't actually enter any baked goods, but I'm in charge of that department, so I need to line up judges and helpers. It feels stressful each year leading up to the fair, but once it arrives, it usually goes well and is lots of fun. It held true this year, as the baked goods were judged this morning and all went well! A salsa contest sounds like fun!

  6. 5th cutting! Wow, is that fairly normal to get that many for you guys? We usually get 3, 4 of we are lucky! Have fun at the fair!

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      Yes...5 cuttings are normal here. I know it seems like a lot! We'll definitely spend as much time at the fair as possible!

  7. Alica, they only got 2 cutting here this summer... and the second is ongoing now. Lots of hay around, still! I know it feels good to have all that feed in the barn for winter!

  8. Wow five cuttings! Our little alfalfa field barely got two this year. It must feel good to have everything harvested.


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