Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's Feeling Like Fall...

Over this past weekend, the weather has made a big u-turn, and it's beginning to feel like fall.

We'd had a long stretch of dry weather...it was beginning to feel like a drought, but that's sure changed.  On Thursday we had 4" of rain...and on Saturday another 1" +.  Along with the much needed moisture, a lot of the humidity has disappeared, and temps yesterday and today have been in the 70's.  It's wonderful!

We're in between projects right now...Jim just mowed the first fields of fifth cutting hay yesterday...and we're hoping to refill silo at the end of the week. The quiet has been nice.  Fall things are happening, and it's nice to be able to enjoy them.

I began cleaning up my "garden" yesterday...

My pepper plant and two late tomato plants that didn't die still look happy, so I left them standing.  Everything else went into a pile in the middle of the garden and will be fodder for a big bonfire in a few weeks.  When we clean up leaves this fall, I'm hoping to spread them all over the garden as mulch for winter.  I was really happy with how few weeds I had this year by mulching instead of rototilling, so I'll try it again next year.  Keeping the clumps of grass at bay is the biggest problem...but with lots of mulch, they pull easily if I get them when they're small.  That's the challenge!

The chickens have decided that they like table scraps after all.  Here they're chowing down on an over ripe watermelon and some pumpkin waste...

Speaking of pumpkin...our neighbor gave me a big neck pumpkin last week. This morning I chunked it and cooked it up.  Now it's cooling and hopefully I can make some pumpkin whoopie pies out of it later today.  I've eaten them often, but have never made them before, so I need to find a good recipe...

And last but not least...and not nearly the most exciting...the birds have ruined our sidewalk!  The second half of this summer, they've begun roosting in the maple tree right beside our house.  This is what everyone who comes up the walk to our door gets to walk through.  Lucky them...and how embarrassing for us!  I try to sweep it often but I would have to get on my hands and knees several times a day with a bucket and scrub brush to thoroughly clean this mess up, and that's just not feasible.

Last week I was walking out to the car when splat...something landed right on my face.  It was horrible! I guess we should put up a sign..."walk at your own risk!"

Maybe we should have started slamming the door...or started making some kind of loud noises weeks ago to scare them away.  I guess maybe it's a matter of pride...but it's embarrassing!

Next week is the Lampeter Fair, and we always look forward to that week.  I'll be busy there on Tuesday and Wednesday...and hopefully we'll all get over there a few evenings for supper and seeing friends.  I can't believe it's actually that time already!


  1. That is supposed to be good luck you know:) Have fun at the fair. Hug B

  2. oh, the bird 'presence' is pretty yucky!

  3. Starlings! They devastated my henhouses in winter, you know. Poop, poop, poop!

  4. Alicia,
    Glad you got some rain. We are really dry here. Hauling hay was a dusty project and I'm thinking preconditioning calves this week will be dirty too.

    5th cutting alfalfa, wow. I talked to my Dad yesterday and he was swathing the 4th cutting of irrigated alfalfa.

    I have 2 grape tomato plants, 2 medium size tomato plants and 2 pepper plants hanging on. The tomatoes have slowed down, but still taste good.

    I like pumpkin too. I'm a big muffin fan. Hope you have good luck with your whoopie pies.

    My hens LOVE watermelon. J is not a fan of chickens in the yard or shop. He shots at them with a BB gun. It doesn't hurt the hens and keeps them from making unwanted deposits in the shop.

  5. I noticed where we must have a whole flock roosting out in the area where we sit in the garden. Just like yours. There weren't there all summer and now they are. I am so glad it is feeling like fall. I hope your pies turn out great. I have made chocolate ones but never pumpkin. Everything looks so pretty. I am so glad you got so much rain. That just blows my mind to get that much at one time.

  6. Try a fake owl! My grandma had the same problem and it was solved with a little fake owl. The birds are gone. Glad you got some rain.

  7. I just can't understand how you get five cuttings of hay!

  8. I think of fall as a time of slowing down and taking it all in too! Love your idea about adding the leaves to your garden-I used to do that and need to do it again. My hens are so picky they won't hardly eat anything-but they do like watermelon : ) Your whoopie pies sounds good-I've never heard of them before. I feel your pain about the birds Maybe the fake owl will work!


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