Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Changes In the Neighborhood...

There are changes in the neighborhood...

For many years, our road has been one that the local tour guides would bring their tourists down.  They could point out the difference between Amish and English farms...curtains at the windows, cars and rubber wheeled tractors, "small" gardens...the Amish schoolhouse and no electric poles...

This week there have been some changes.  Can you see what I do?

One family has left the Amish church, and they are putting electricity in their home. They would have preferred to put the lines underground, but for some reason one property owner didn't give permission to cross his property, so a whole new line of electric poles now dots the landscape.  The poles just went up yesterday.  No electric lines have been added yet...

We are so used to seeing the road clear of poles, that it's glaringly obvious to us, although it might seem like "nothing" to someone who might not drive by every day...

There's still one stretch of road that is clear...

I would never want them to not get'll just take some getting used to!


  1. That is a big change.
    I would imagine that it would cost a small fortune to have all those poles and lines run, to just one house.
    No matter that the poles are going in.... I still think your views are gorgeous!!

    Have a great day.


  2. Even with those unsightly power poles your part of the world is post card, calendar beautiful.

  3. Wow, I am glad that power poles aren't everywhere. I guess because we live with them I never notice them much.
    It does look pretty though because everything is just so green.

  4. Your part of the country is so beautiful but changes are inevitable. I agree, it must have cost a fortune to have those poles go up. Having electricity will bring some more changes in how things are done for that family...
    I'm sure it will cause a stir in the neighbourhood having those poles dotting the beautiful landscape.

  5. Those power poles will take a bit of getting used to. What a shame they couldn't go underground. Change is inevitable I know but sometimes it's hard to take.

  6. Such a shame they couldn't bury the lines. When we redo my garage, that will get buried (which will make my grain delivery people very happy).

  7. I saw your headline and started singing the Mr. Rogers theme song. "Who are the people in your neighborhood ..." in my head. I guess electricity is coming to that neighborhood. We have big power poles that go through the field across the road from us. I am thankful for the ancestors who developed rural electric cooperatives, including my grandfather, so that we have the same access to reliable power in rural communities.

  8. What a difference for your neighborhood... but I am married to a man whose own family left the Amish church for another many years ago... so I get it.


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