Friday, August 1, 2014

The Big Hole...

I know, I've been in a blogging slump lately.  There hasn't really been anything "exciting" happening, and I've been busy with other things, I guess. Hopefully I can shake it off soon, and get back at it!

I guess I'll start with what's happening here today...there's a big hole in our yard!  Someone was hoping it was for a swimming pool, but that's wishful thinking! :)

It looks like it could be a pool...

Any thoughts yet as to what it is going to be?

Yep...boring...a drain field / septic system...

Actually, it's rather interesting and has been fun to watch.  I learned a lot just this morning by observing and talking to the excavator.

The process began weeks ago, with digging a probe hole, doing a perk test and getting a permit. Today was step two...digging the bed and laying the pipes and stone.  Next week the tanks will come, and they can hopefully finish up.

It's mid afternoon and they're starting to close in the hole...

Check out that beautiful Lancaster County soil!  It's almost a shame to not be planting something in it...

The yard won't look the same for a long while, but it's one more thing that will be crossed off our checklist for this year!


  1. so, you'll have to explain what it is ultimately for... are you saving the water for something or just letting it drain back into the earth naturally?

  2. What are you trying to drain? Yard? Field? Interesting process.

  3. Well, it does look a bit like a kiddie pool~~~*haha**.
    Yes, a drain field is more practical :)
    Plus, a drain field can be appreciated by adults and kiddies alike !

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. There's a lot to be said for a new septic system!

  5. We have a septic bed in our backyard and drainage pipes that almost takes the whole backyard and we have a septic tank that is attached to the drainage pipes. I imagine it's the same type of setup like we have but yours would be more modern.

    Nice soil indeed. It's a big jog of your list.

    Have a Happy weekend.

  6. We have red clay soil, so you can just send me some of yours :)

  7. How sad to have to dig up that beautiful yard. You do have some nice dirt though.

  8. Nice to check things off the list:) A pool would have been nice:):) Hug B

  9. Well it is very important to have that, but your poor yard, It looked so pretty before it was dug up.
    Yes, I agree a pool would have been nice. I am in a blogging slump too. :)

  10. Hi, so nice to meet you. Farm Girl recommended your site to me. I did a blog post today and would be very interested in your thoughts and knowledge on the subject of "Where Are The Cows."

  11. Thats a lot of hard work, and a lot of planning has gone into it I am sure.

  12. Alica, hope this one lasts for a long time. Our sewer bill is a pain, yet in much smaller and more frequent expense pieces. Looks like a great place for a huge new flower garden. Have lots of volunteers in my yard looking for a new home.


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