Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fixing the House Roof...

Usually the things that I blog about are in the barn...fixing this...fixing that, but today it was time to get another project underway.  Our house has a slate roof just like the barn, and it was in need of some repair.  There were a few missing slates, missing snow catchers, and a couple of unused chimneys that did nothing but allow birds and bats into the attic.  I shudder whenever I see a bat in the house, and we've had  four of them in the house in the past week.

Early this morning, the Amish crew came to begin work on the roof.  They began by setting up all their ladders, and once they were set up, they took took down the first chimney top.  It was at the peak of the roof on the far left.  The bricks were removed and the hole was capped and covered with slate.  The guy told Jim that some bats flew out when they were working on it. We were still milking and feeding at the time, so I missed getting any pictures of the process.  The second chimney was at the peak to the right...

It amazes me how some people are so comfortable with heights.  You couldn't pay me enough to walk around up on that roof!

Near the bottom edge of the roof, you can see the row of snow catchers that they added.  This should help in the winter with all the heavy snow sliding off the roof in an avalanche...

Later in the afternoon, they worked on the north side of the house...

This man is repairing the remaining chimney...the only one that is functional in the house...

They are about finished with the house, and will need to come back and finish up some work on the barn roof on another day.

My hat's off to those who don't mind working in the hot sun on hot, humid days, and who don't mind working at those heights!

My only question now, is this...

"The bats that are now trapped in the attic...will they try to get outside by coming down through the house tonight?!"


  1. Wow look at all those ladders :) :) you know what I am saying don't You:). Oh that is so nice that you have skilled help to do those jobs and in that heat amazing.
    Oh don't fret about the bats they will only fly in the house once then you will let them out and they will not get back in.

    I have to tell you how much I love you ABOUT ME post it is fantastic a perfect piece of writing that makes my imagination run wild I just wanted to tell you that I tend to read it a lot:) Hug B

  2. Oh goodness, I am groaning, I do not like bats. I can't imagine them coming through the house. It is wonderful to see those men up there repairing your roof. It will be so nice this winter.
    I hope the bats all leave soon. I am curious now. You have a lovely roof.

  3. good luck with the bats! we used to have that happen in our old wisconsin farm house when i was a kid! eek! :)

    glad your roof is in good shape, now!

  4. Bats as well as heights1 Ugh !! I'm with you on those two.

  5. I would love having those Amish men here to put up a new roof on our house and fix the roof at the old barn. We lost so many asphalt shingles on our old roof during Hurricane Arthur. It's due to be replace as soon as hay season is done.

    I like how you always get things fixed as soon as it needs to be fix. No procrastinators at your place.

    Good luck with getting rid of the bats out of your attic.


  6. I thought that I was the only one that detested bats!!
    They creep me out!!
    I hope they leave, and never come back.

    It will be nice to have the roof repaired and ready for winter.
    I'm happy that you were able to preserve one chimney. Your old house needs at least one ~~~*smile**.

    Have a great day.

  7. Awesome ! They do put heart and soul into their work the Amish people . We had them build Papa's work shop and they were fast and it is perfectly made ! We will be re roofing soon but we will get Papa's work to do it as we want a steel roof and he works in the steel business ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  8. What a BEAUTIFUL farm house!!!!

  9. Beautiful house but glad I'm not on the roof.

  10. Alica - I too hope this helps your bat issue. I HATE them! We had chimney work done at our house as well. It will take the bats a bit to realize this isn't where you want them to live. They can get in the smallest of places. Some advice I would pass along: watch at sunset where they come out at night and seal those areas off as well. They can come out between the slate or on the edges of the slate roof. Also, put a towel or weather stripping along attic door. They sell it at Lowe's. Anyone who enjoys bats, I promise you, has never had them flying randomly through their house. I know they do a lot of good, but not in the same house I live. Outside in trees or the barn is much better for me. :) Hope things are better tonight. Your home looks beautiful. Old farmhouses are the best, but they do at extra TLC from time to time.

  11. Hope you don't have bats sleeping with you. Your house is beautiful! I had my chimney capped off after it was damaged in a storm a few years ago. My nephew suggested I get a gas insert for my fireplace. I'm liking that idea.

  12. You have a lovely roof. It's really a good idea. Everyone should follow your idea. Thanks for good post.

  13. ugh, we just had a bat in the house last night. That was the second time that it happened to us since we lived here and I HATE it, although I'm usually pretty laid back about creatures. It's just so hard to get them to go OUT and so sleepy in the middle of the night. . . . hope you don't get any more bats inside!


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