Monday, October 21, 2013

A Day In October...

It's just another beautiful October day...

Murphy has nothing better to do than lay in the yard.  The cats must be hiding...

The cows have been staying inside at night because it's been too cold, but they were out for a while this morning.  Although there wasn't much to eat out there, they enjoyed the freedom of the outdoors...

This will probably be the last day that the fields look like this...

as the combine should be rolling in any time.  The beans will be done first, then the corn...

In fact...I think I hear him coming right now!

I love October!


  1. Yes, the change is coming, cold nights... I can well imaging that your 'girls' were very happy to be outside! LOVE those giant 'marshmallows...' that's what they look like, don't they???

    1. Yes, Madge...they do look like giant marshmallows. I agree! All we need is some big graham crackers, a giant Hershey bar and a nice fire, and we'd be all set! :)

  2. yay for a good harvest season! love murphy! :)

  3. We know you've been busy up there! Beans and corn disappearing here, too, at an amazing pace.

  4. Love these pictures, and reading about the latest going-ons of your farm.

    Happy harvesting!

  5. Yea for your harvest almost being done. The cows are taking advantage of the beautiful sunshine.
    As the cold weather approaches my hands are hurting from arthritis and I'm getting to fear seeing the winter coming. I really don't care for the cold anymore. I used to welcome winter but lately, it seems just too much.

  6. Alica, that picture of the cows outside is fantastic! I want to blow that up and frame it for my den wall!

  7. I can't believe the fields are dry enough to combine after 7 1/2 inches of rain. I bet you have some wonderful meals planned. Combiners have to enjoy all that good food.

  8. Oh I love October too Alica it is beautifully busy. Take care HUG B

  9. I love October! Your photos are lovely.

  10. Beautiful fall scenes! We've been cold enough for the goats to start sleeping inside at night too.


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