Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall 2016...

It's been a while since I've posted...

A lot has been happening, but my "get up and go" must've "got up and went"! My camera has been pretty idle.  There have been a bunch of things that I've had to cross off my list...stressful things...but hopefully I can put them behind me. The time change certainly hasn't helped anything.  This getting dark early stuff is for the birds! I need lots of sunlight/daylight to keep me going!

In the meantime...fall has been in full swing.  The rye grass behind the barn is growing, and I think this is one of the most beautiful views of the farm!

The corn and soybean harvest have been finished for a while now, and they both yielded very well.  Jim is about finished with baling corn fodder. The barn is full...

He finished cleaning out heifer pens...aka spreading pazutski...over the weekend, and now it's on to some other things like moving calves around, repairing some leaky water bowls and lots of other busy work. The weather has been beautiful!  It's actually rather dry, and the fall leaves have been hanging on extra long this year.  Jenna and I went on a college visit near Philadelphia on Friday, and the drive was spectacular!

Phoebe is growing...and is a mixture of sweet...

and naughty!

I will say, I wasn't very happy with her this weekend!  On Friday night we noticed that we are down one chicken...thanks to miss Phoebe.  :(  And on Sunday morning, Jim noticed that she had chewed off some wires on his sprayer.  :(  It's a good thing she's so sweet!

Yesterday afternoon, when Jim and I returned home from an afternoon at Eric's cross country banquet at college, we were greeted by the sweetest, most enthusiastic, warm, wiggling little brown body, and it almost made me forget that I was frustrated with her.  Puppies are definitely a lot of work.  We don't want her to be "one of those dogs" that people don't want to be around because she jumps up, destroys things, etc. We're slowly getting there!

What are your fall days busy with?


  1. awww. what a sweet little brown imp! so glad harvest has gone well and getting set for winter is on its way. :)

  2. I don't like that early darkness either, but we've had some great days to get out hiking.

  3. Alicia,
    With the mild autumn temps we have stayed busy outside. J and his Uncle spent close to 2 days hauling tree branches. J's Mom had the tree belts (shelter belts) cleaned up and branches piled already. They spent another day putting in a new auto-gate.

    Between the nice weather and extra help, I've been able to do some crafty projects.

    Sounds like cold and snow is headed our way Thursday night-Friday. I'm guessing we will be in storm prep mode on Thursday.

    You are right, puppies are a lot of work, but they are fun too. Most of the time, lol!

  4. As I sit on the couch and my Ella is curled up next to me, waiting patiently for me to finish my coffee so we can go out and tour the yard I know it is worth it. We have been deer hunting here. We both have two and I am butchering between hunting. Glad you are able to make good use of the nice weather.

  5. She is such a pretty girl. I love that picture of her and her Mom. Oh no, poor chicken, but they just don't know yet.
    I love that picture with the rye grass so green. Isn't that weird that is what we plant for a lawn in the winter?
    My November sounds like yours. We are just trying to get every thing finished around here, before winter. Have a lovely week.

  6. All my days are busy, I don't know where the time goes.
    I do enjoy the darker evenings though. I like it light in the morning.

  7. What a sweet dog picture! I loved your unicycle story.


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