Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Amish Farm Sale...

What a fun morning...after being cooped up all weekend with the big snow!

One of our neighboring Amish farmers had sale today....

One of the married sons will be taking over the farm.  The cows will be sold, and he will be growing produce and raising beef cattle, so there was a lot of equipment for sale today.

How do you have a sale just days after a major blizzard?

I asked one of the sons what they did, and he said they hired someone to come in and move snow.  And move it they did!  There was a cleared area for parking...

...and a snowbank for scooters...

The horses were unhitched and spent their morning in the barn...

As we walked in, we were greeted by the wonderful smell of barbecue chicken.  Neighbor Leroy was in charge of this, and it was delicious!  Proceeds from the food stands at Amish sales usually go to benefit someone...either a family in need, or in this case, the school where most of the neighbor kids attend...

The home made soft pretzels were good too...

While the women hung out in either the house or the shop where food was served, the men gathered out behind the barn to bid on or watch the farm equipment sell...

The young guy in the middle holding the iced tea is one of the farmer's sons. He said he's excited to see the coming changes, but will probably miss the cows too...

Temps are in the 40's today, so there was an abundance of mud.  I sure hope these guys take their boots off before they go in the house...

The last thing to sell were the mules.  The boys led them back and forth between the crowd.  They sold for $2500 - $3500 each...

They're huge animals, but so well trained...

It's always fun to go to these sales and spend time with our neighbors. Everyone enjoys talking and catching up on the latest news in the neighborhood, and supporting the family having sale.

And I was especially glad not to have to make lunch today!


  1. What amazing looking food! I would have wanted the mules too. What a nice group. Kind of sad though. Lots of fun though. That is amazing they had someone come in and move all of that snow.

  2. How come you get to go and do all the fun things? Auctions are fun! So is eating good food!

  3. Wow, I've never seen anything like this. There must be a lot of farmers around your area. I can't imagine having a farm sale after a big storm like that. There's nothing stopping these guys.
    I never saw huge mules like that either. Wow, they are beautiful animals.
    Their farm looks well maintained.

    Thanks for sharing what goes on around your neighbourhood.
    I wonder why they are getting out of dairy farming...

    Dairy farming can be so challenging.

  4. what a great community effort! i hope they had great sales to help them begin a new venture.

  5. Looks and sounds like all had a good time and YUMMY ! food ! We have a large Amish farming community here to and I love going to their farms as we have a few Amish friends that Papa and I go to and sometimes we take photos of horses they are selling for them to advertise in an Amish sales magazine that is from coast to coast . Glad you had a good time looks like there was a lot of good stuff being sold hope they had good sales . Lovely photos .Thanks for sharing, Have a good week !

  6. I hope they made a good profit. Beautiful mules and that chicken looks good too! lol

  7. I love that house... It looks really charming.

  8. I really like the idea of the food profits going to a community project such as the local school! The food looks delicious!

  9. Everything about the sale seems wonderful. Love the food and how nice that the money goes to help someone out.

  10. That would be an entertaining event to attend.
    Hope that they had a good sale and accomplished what they set out to do.

    Smile :)

  11. What great photos! I wish I had smell-a-vision (really, taste-o-vision!) for the BBQ and especially the pretzels. Yes, those boots would definitely be staying on the porch at my house.


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