Thursday, January 16, 2014

"I" Is For Images of Winter...

"I" is for images...

Images of winter...

I'm not a fan of winter, I'll be honest.  I'm definitely a fair weather fan.  Give me green grass, chirping birds, garden soil between my fingers and shirt sleeve weather and I'm happy.  However, there is a certain beauty, even in the starkness of winter.  It just takes someone else and their camera to capture it some times!

My sister and her family were visiting over Christmas, and she took these first three images.

This early morning one was taken from the golf course across the road from our farm...

Just a little closer.  The fields look so plain and bare this time of year...

I wouldn't call this winter image beautiful like the first fact the chicken pen is getting pretty muddy. Slick mud on top of frozen ground is treacherous...just try walking in it!  I feel like the Pied Piper in this image... the chickens must know who feeds them.

I sure hope this same image in the spring has green grass on it.  I'm a little concerned that this year it might not grow back...

Here's another beauty...taken by Jenna...of our Amish neighbor's farm to the west at sunset...

This image is one that we've seen more of this winter than in the past two winters put together.  After several warmer-than-usual winters, we've finally seen some white!  The kids have had several snow days off school and have been able to enjoy it...and work out in it too, of course...

And is one of the reasons I don't like winter...

Sometimes in winter, no matter how hard you try to prepare...water lines freeze, break and need to be replaced.  Hopefully this fix is the last one for a while...

One more image of winter will be one that you'll have to imagine...

Close your eyes and inhale...

Do you smell that?

I just took bread out of the oven.  Mmmmm...I'm glad to have that wonderful aroma filling this cold house! Kind of makes me like winter...just a little bit!

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  1. I love the aroma of fresh-baked bread! Mmmm.

    I really don't mind winter, though it's NOT my favourite season. (It's icy paths and roads that I do not like, but then I also dislike super hot, muggy days just as much.)

    Jenna took some lovely photos!

  2. That first shot would make an awesome postcard! :)
    Even with all my baking, I still love the smell of fresh baked bread!

  3. i loved this - beauty and reality and sensory perception, too! :)

  4. I know all too well the joys of frozen pipes on a farm in winter...

    lovely shots!

  5. Great photos. I especially love that first one. Very beautiful...
    I feel much like you about winter and nothing is more comforting than the smell of freshly baked bread on a cold day. I can almost taste it.
    Stay warm,

  6. You and I were on the page it seems with our posts today Alica -- must try to see the good in every season -- and I'll take a slice of that bread! :)

  7. Winter is not my favorite season. Today we have are having a blizzard! Snow and lots of wind. We also deal with frozen water fountains for the animals which make life a little frustrating at times. But....spring is just around the corner!

  8. I made bread yesterday too! :-)

    Love your images a lot more than I enjoy actual winter.

  9. Lovely photos. I am not a big fan of winter either but as a nature lover and still learning photographer I can see the beauty in it and that makes all the difference all though right now we are having a windy snow storm after a warm spell and green grass all over after the melt . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  10. I'm right there with you, a fair weather fan. But I have tried to appreciate the beauty of winter this year. Tried. :-) That first pic that your sis took is amazing. Everything about it is just perfect.

  11. Superb *I* post – great photography!

    A pleasure to visit here!

  12. So very gorgeous! Great photography!

  13. I love each and every image. Well except the water leak. Nothing worse that cold and water leaks. I love the picture of you feeding chickens.
    All of the snow looks pretty though and I love that picture of the reflections at the golf course. Warm bread sounds so nice.

  14. You and your family have such a beautiful and well kept farm. Even in the winter with the brown ground and muddy yards it shows how much you care for your place and your animals. I love the lake reflections and the sunrise but the pied piper of chickens is my favorite. Best wishes for no more plumbing problems! Now I'm wishing I had fresh bread.

  15. Beautiful pictures.
    There is a beauty to Winter, but.. it's a bit harder for me to appreciate too **grin**.
    I'd much rather be outside in the sunshine, and digging in the dirt!

    Baked bread sounds wonderful! I should bake some this weekend!

    Enjoy your weekend, my friend.


  16. great landscape views! Hope your pipes are doing ok... {:-Deb

  17. Perhaps the snow picture truly shows what it's like to have to go out in the weather and do chores in the wintertime... I prefer the heat, too, Alica... I can take it so much better than the cold. I'll pray you have no more broken water lines this winter!

  18. Loved the pictures of winter. I also love your large farmhouse. I could have used that size recently with all the company. Hope you finish winter with no more water problems.

    I can truly imagine the smell of bread. Glad you are baking it and I know your family is too! Post pictures of it too.....I love seeing others breads.

  19. Sharing some of the woes of winter, then finding positive things about it is a wonderful thing♪ Thanks for sharing!

  20. Great photos. I love them all. It is amazing how things break when it is miserable out. We have had not only the snow, but also the wind. A strong incessant wind. Thanks again for the photos. They lifted my spirits.

  21. This has been a rough winter. Hope you guys are all hanging in there. We had another day off school today because of cold, and it's supposed to be 39 tomorrow. Crazy.

  22. Winter does create some beautiful images...

    But I don't think I could handle the intense cold after living in AZ for so long.

    I can smell that incredible homemade bread though, yummy!

    Thanks for linking to the letter "I".



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